MMI Software Solutions, Biometric, Smart Cards, Proximity Cards, Printed Plastic Id Cards, CCTV and Kiosk.

MMI, the acronym for Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam is a group of companies founded by Mr. M. Muthupandi. B.E. The MMI group includes Software Solutions, Consultant and Trust activities.

Our Mission

To become a leading Company in both Software and Hardware fields in the world market..

Our Vision

The main Vision of the company is to become a Top level IT Solutions provider along with Biometric and Smart Card Technology.


Our Technical Skills Include

Programming Languages


Database Experience

Oracle, MS SQL,My SQL

Operation systems

Windows, Linux

Internet Experience

JavaScript, JSP,Sevlet,Ajax,HTML,DHTML,XML,XSLT

Welcome to Mahatmavin
Makkal Iyakkam

Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam(MMI) is a Trust started in March 2006 with the sole dedication and a pure vision to serve the people.The aims and ambitions of starting this trust are for the upliftment of the downtrodden and those who are in the poverty line struggling hard for the minimum survival even.

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