Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam Trust

Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam - An Overview

  • Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam is a Trust started in March 2006 with the sole dedication and a pure vision to service the people.The Aims and ambitions of starting this trust are for the upliftment of the downtrodden and those who are in the poverty line struggling hard for the minimum survival even. The vision of the trust are very high purely keeping in mind the sufferings of the people irrespective of their caste,religion etc., and to redress their grievances by reaching them individually.
  • The Trust is a pure social organization extending its helping hands by taking care of the poor students by meeting their basic needs like distribution of books,clothes etc.,
  • The Trust is extending financial support to those poor students who score high marks in 10 th and 12 th Standard but unable to continue higher studies due to their poverty.
  • Though the trust is not having an idea of opening orphanage right now,It has decided to help the orphan children those who are already in the orphanages by providing food on special occasions and as and when any help required on a emergency situation.
  • The Trust has already started building Kalyanamandambam with an aim to give it free of rent to poor deserving people in selective villages in every districts in Tamilnadu and also to build Library to help students to improve their knowledge.
  • The Trust also take care of the old and forsaken people by providing Annathanam and also plan to set up old age homes for them.
  • The Trust shall raise to the emergency situations arising out like natural calamities and disasters like flood,earth Quakes,Tsunami etc., and initiate immediate steps to provide relief to the victims and also for their restorations and rehabilitations.

Aim & Activities:

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  • To strive hard for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden people and meet out their basic necessities of their lives.
  • To setup Free Kalyanamandabam for poor and deserving people in each Districts.
  • To conduct free Medical campaigns.
  • To conduct blood donation camps.
  • To set up Library for the Students for their improvement of their knowledge.
  • To help orphanages by providing food and clothing as and when required.
  • To provide Anathanam to poor people.
  • To help the poor students who score high marks but not in position to continue higher studies.
  • To provide free Text and note books to the needy students.
  • To conduct seminars for the youth coming from village with the aim to educate them to remove the fear from their minds about the city atmosphere.
  • To setup old age home for the old and forsaken people.
  • To encourage the youth in the field of sports by providing them sports equipments.
  • To rush to the rescue of the people at times of natural calamities and disasters like flood,earthquakes,tsunami,etc., and work for their rehabilitations and restoration of their lives.
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